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Pure Friendly specializes in chemical free freshwater water sanitation systems. We have over 20 years experience in water sanitation for commercial and domestic swimming pools as well as water purification for commercial clients and whole households.

Pure Friendly continuously invest in research and development to provide innovative solutions to purify and sanitize water without the need for harmful chemicals.

An international patent for the 100% chlorine free freshwater oxygen technology was obtained in 2003 and launched internationally with huge success.

In 2009 we obtained a patent for our new Stack oxygen design which provides significantly increased oxidation and disinfection efficiency with regulated oxygen and ionization output. Our new industrial and domestic stack units were released in 2010.

Pure Friendly is gaining huge popularity worldwide as consumers become more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals, chlorine and salt chlorination on their health.

Pure Friendly is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We provide a solution to our clients to minimize their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and conserving their precious water resources.

Our clients include prestigious hotel groups, health spas, health clubs, schools, Sport Science Institutes, residential complexes and homeowners worldwide.

  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Nationwide Installation & Service
  • Stronger than Chlorine, Ozone & Salt Systems
  • Proven Technology used by NASA

Customers Choose

Safer Water
Chlorine Free
No Irritations

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