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The World’s Most Advanced Oxygen Water Purification System

The Pure Friendly eClear Natural Freshwater Oxygen system through special Patented plates produces 4 non-toxic oxidisers which are EPA rated as 100% Environmentally Friendly. (Patented technology 92003/2934)

There is no other known technology worldwide that can perform at this level of efficiency in disinfecting home and pool water at such high levels of performance for health and safety.

This combined technology results in the total elimination of all algae, bacteria and a host of viruses including cryptosporidium whilst still providing the required oxidation to qualify as a stand alone 100% toxic-free fresh water sanitiser system not requiring 1 gram of chlorine, bromine, ozone or salt.


100% Chlorine Free Oxygen Rich Fresh Water

Oxygen rich water is healthy water. Oxygen not only destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae etc. in the water, but is highly beneficial, therapeutic and rejuvenating when drinking or bathing. Unlike chlorine, salt chlorination and ozone, e-clear does not produce harmful ‘burning’ oxidizers in contact with the swimmer.

Many cities use oxygen to purify the water output from sewage plants, as oxygen is an effective way to treat water without incurring harmful environmental side effects. Dissolved oxygen is an effective, natural bactericide which is also significantly advantages to animals, fish or plants.

Because the Pure Friendly oxygenation system combines its powerful patented oxidation technology with ionization and ultra violet, it is the only system that can deliver 100% Chlorine free, salt free and ozone free water, even at high body loads and high temperatures.

Since the Pure Friendly oxygenation system does not require the use of toxic chemicals it provides a healthy yet effective solution that’s kind to you and kind to the environment.

The World’s Most Advanced Oxygen Water Purification System

The 4 Stage Process of Pure Friendly

1. Oxygenation

The Patented Pure Friendly Eclear “stack” technology uses commercial grade multiple titanium electrodes coated on both sides with a proprietary catalytic mix that include TiO2 to perform our electronic oxidisation process. The only treatment that instantly destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses found in water that even chlorine and other treatments cannot touch, including Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus

The Pure Friendly System generates natural oxygen by passing the pool water through it’s proprietary sealed chambers with a low voltage (DC) electrical current. This process causes the H20 (water) to split and produce 4 powerful non-toxic oxidizers: atomic oxygen 01 & 02, H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and OH all in gas form. The oxidizers are almost twice as strong as chlorine and 3 times more powerful than bromine

Through the electrolysis of water (H2O) and an advanced oxidation process (AOP), high levels of reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH-) and other powerful Oxygen species are produced in a sealed ‘Oxygen’ chamber. OH- reactive species are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water acting unselectively and with a high kill-rate to destroy pathogens and other pollutants to ensure water is free from harmful pathogens, yet healthy at all times WITHOUT the requirement of any chlorine – salt – poisonous chemicals at a rate of up to 75 grams per minute.

– OH hydroxyl ion, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), atomic oxygen (01) and oxygen will purify from the water molecule (O2) itself – – Hence Oxygen Water.

Theses powerful oxidizers combined with UV and Copper, effectively inactivates algae, viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoa and as these oxidizers are more powerful than chlorine or ozone, the Pure Friendly system does not require chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals.

The Pure Friendly eClear ‘Natural Oxygen’ fully automated process delivers more toxic free oxidation in 1 minute than any other known salt, ozone, u.v system, or chlorine can generate in 1 hour.

2. Stable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Residual

Also produced within the sealed oxygen chamber, molecular Oxygen (O2) is stable and remains in the water. It is measured as Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the swimming pool water. Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to the amount of oxygen that is contained in solution.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) acts as a healthy sanitising residual in the water to inactivate viruses, bacteria, moulds etc. and disinfect the water in a natural and beneficial way.

With the Pure Friendly process, the hydrogen and oxygen are actually separated from the water molecule. The electrolysis process creates nano bubbles. The nano bubbles of hydrogen rise to the surface and burst, while the oxygen bubbles are easily absorbed back into the water effectively super saturating the water with oxygen.

Because the process creates the oxygen molecules from the water molecule itself, there is no real limitation and a much higher level of dissolved oxygen can be achieved.

Dissolved oxygen is necessary to many forms of life including fish, invertebrates, bacteria and plants. These organisms use oxygen in respiration, similar to organisms on land. Plant roots need oxygen to stay healthy and to do their job of gathering water and nutrients for the plant.

O2 is highly effective against waterborne pathogens, yet healthy and therapeutic for the bather. With high levels of oxygen the water is crystal clear, soft and healthy.

The Pure Friendly system produces 20-80 grams of oxidation per minute, at a level that is not available with ozone systems. In fact, an ozination system would have to run for 24 hours to manufacture the same oxidation the Pure Friendly system produces in 10 minutes!

3. Ionization

With over 20 years of global success in water treatment, NASA derived technology is the best true alternative to ozone, salt chlorine generators and other toxic and corrosive chemical methods for drinking water, swimming pools, spas, fountains, cooling towers and other industrial applications.

Developed by NASA in 1967 for the Apollo Space Program to provide safe purificaiton of drinking water and to control scale in cooling systems during space missions, Pure Friendly also incorporates the same ionization technology to provide a natural stable sanitizing residual in the water.

The copper ionized by the Pure Frienndly system is completely safe and essential for humans, plants, and animals, but lethal to bacteria, algae and most viruses. Our ionic copper plates reverse polarity to maintain cleanliness.

Copper ions do not evaporate like chlorine and are unaffected by warm humid climates. Copper Ions are stable and do not react to create toxic chemicals.

Ionization is one of the most successful technologies for water purification, prevention and eradication for legionella, biofilms, listeria, salmonella, E. coli, pseudomonas, M. avium, staphylococcus, anthrax, algae, bacteria, fungi, mold etc.

Maintained at levels lower than that found in most food supplements and within EC drinking water standards, copper ions provide a long lasting proven and effective protection against bacteria, algae and most viruses.

An essential trace element for plants and animals, copper is also excellent for hair growth and skin, an essential micro nutrient and highly beneficial at trace levels providing a healthy alternative to chlorine residuals.

4. Ultraviolet (UV)

High intensity UV-C germicidal light irradiation systems disinfect by targeting and inactivating the DNA and RNA of pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites as well as various chlorine resistant microorganisms.

UV is complimentary to all other sanitisation processes where combined with our Oxygen system, UV Is effective against E.coli, Coliforms, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, Giardia, Viruses, Algae and Chlorine resistant Organisms such as Legionella and Cryptosporidium with improved Algae control and cleaner, clearer water.

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is environmentally safe and recognized to destroy over 99.5% of pathogens and with increased DO in the water, UV boosts the production of disinfecting OH and H2O2 molecules which are included in all Pure Friendly drinking water and leisure systems.

The Pure Friendly units incorporate a high intensity Germicidal Ultra Violet bulb within a high pressure Stainless steel housing.

5. Flocculation and Coagulation

purebloc is a proprietary blend of conventional water care ingredients, incorporated within a unique GEL delivery mechanism designed for use in swimming pools, hydrotherapy and jacuzzi systems.

purebloc will maintain sparking clear water, remove and break down phosphates, improve filtration, reduce maintenance, remove dusts and pollens, mustard algae, pet hair, dander, lotions, body oils and is 100% environmentally friendly.

purebloc’s unique formulation removes Phosphates (Algae spores), dirt and miniscule particles of dust from the pool water.

The sub-micron particles of dirt and contaminants are coagulated in the water stream in the filter system with no clouding or residual dusting.

purebloc encapsulates the fine particles and holds them to the bed by means of a mild, glutinous formulation that is flushed away during backwash cycle

purebloc is applied directly to the filter pump chamber basket or skimmer basket fortnightly

6. PH, Calcium Hardness & TDS

The Electronic Oxidation also maintains the calcium in the pool water in a soft bicarbonate form thus eliminating the need for Alkaline management resulting in water that is so soft it feels like “Silk” even at P.H. levels of 6.8.

The P.H. value should be maintained at P.H. neutral for much longer periods of time thus further reducing pool water management.

We provide various options for PH Control with our preffered CO2 option – Please contact us for further details.

Calcium Hardness should be maintained at 300ppm plus Total Dissolved Solids are never a problem, for pools that run on the “Natural Freshwater Oxygen System”. Water need never be changed because of high T.D.S. (Total Dissolved Solids) and conductivity of the water Is always kept in check. This is due to no harsh chemicals being necessary.

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